As the American working class, we must stand together now more than ever in the face of a corrupt government’s attempts to stifle our economic growth and independence. Both parties of our government have failed us and taken us, the American people, and the fruits of our labor for granted. What would this country be without us? We the people were not created to be manipulated and controlled, used and abused, our lives sacrificed for a government that doesn’t serves us.

It’s time to wake up to what it is they want. They want us to be complacent, but there is no freedom in that. They want us to beg for their help, but there is no independence in that. They want us to despair in the face of unrest and insecurity, but how can we surrender our hope without at least standing up together and saying, enough is enough!

It’s time to take back our freedom, our independence, our hope.

We are neighbors. We are friends. We are family. We are the backbone of America. Us! Not the politicians that everyday violate their oaths to serve us, instead keeping us apart by sowing seeds of distrust and hatred among us. They want us to blame each other for our job losses that they themselves have insured with decades of anti-worker policies and trade deals. To blame each other for the disruption and lack of national unity, when it is their policies that drive an unending wedge between the American people.

The people in our government know that we are all stronger together so the constantly employ tactics that divide and conquer, but we at Working Stiff USA say no more!

Wake up America, Enough is Enough!

Let’s build something together.