Meet Me in the Middle?

Looking around at the world it is all but impossible to maintain any sense of optimism for our future. On every news channel and social media platform, even here on Working Stiff USA, constant reminders of the current state of the world are unrelenting. It is important to remember though that even in the very worst of times there will still be children laughing somewhere, the sun will still rise in the morning, and people will go on living their lives to the best of their ability. To despair and surrender to the circumstances is tempting, to bury our head in the barrage of heart-breaking headlines and wallow in our existential dread is for most of us the natural default.

However, in times like these it is incredibly important to remember that historically it is not until the good people within a hurting population pull themselves out of that despair and take action that anything will change. Unity between the American people is not completely out of reach, the American dream realized for everyone is still something worth fighting for. Our country can still be pulled back from the brink of impending fracture, but only if we each stand up and do what we can.

For some that might mean continuing online activism and coordinating digitally, for others however that has to mean taking real concrete action within your communities. Help your neighbor, speak kind words to the people you are certain you fundamentally disagree with, donate food and clothes, and time to the rapidly filling homeless shelters in your towns. The opportunities to build legitimate trust and brotherhood within your communities are endless if you actively look for them. Indeed, real change can be made through dedicated and consistent action but only if there is someone willing to be the first to stand up and say enough is enough.

No more fighting. No more prejudice. It is far past the time that we looked at our fellow Americans and, instead of taking a defensive stance, asked “how can I be of service?” If each of us take a small step towards uniting our communities then perhaps we can all meet each other somewhere in the middle. Do what you can, where you can, and do it now before this moment passes and our country splinters beyond repair.

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